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Indie is on his way to the men’s cave. Get to know what male puberty and the best piece of a man is all about. Have fun playing the puberty steps and further games.


Learn more about male puberty on Caveman Island by watching this tutorial video.

Frequently asked Questions

Puberty is a natural process that happens in boys’ bodies as they grow and develop into young men. Here’s what puberty includes:

Growth Spurts: During puberty, boys experience rapid growth spurts, where they may grow taller and their bodies may change shape.

Voice Changes: One of the early signs of puberty for boys is changes in their voice. The voice may become deeper as the voice box, or larynx, grows.

Facial Hair: Boys may start to notice the growth of facial hair, including mustaches and beards, as hair follicles become more active.

Body Hair: Hair begins to grow under the arms, on the chest, and around the pubic area during puberty. This is a normal part of growing up.

Genital Changes: The penis and testicles grow larger during puberty, and boys may notice changes in their genitals’ appearance and function.

Muscle Growth: Boys may experience an increase in muscle mass and strength as their bodies develop during puberty.

Emotional Changes: Along with physical changes, boys may also experience emotional changes during puberty. Mood swings, increased sensitivity, and feelings of insecurity are common as hormone levels fluctuate.

It’s important for boys to understand that puberty is a natural and normal part of growing up, and everyone goes through it at their own pace. It’s also essential to talk to a trusted adult or healthcare provider if there are any concerns or questions about puberty or sexual health.
Boys typically start puberty between the ages of 9 and 14, although it can vary from person to person. During puberty, boys experience physical and hormonal changes that lead to the development of secondary sexual characteristics, such as growth spurts, voice changes, and the growth of facial and body hair. If there are concerns or questions about puberty, it’s a good idea to talk to a trusted adult or healthcare provider.

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