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Caveman Island

Do you know what growing up entails?

Caveman Island

This is exactly what is picked up on Caveman Island:

How does the body change? What are the puberty steps involved in growing up? What are the names of the genital organs? Have fun exploring!

This is indie

Indie has a physically handicapped twin brother and three sisters. He has learnt to be independent in a very early stage of his life and is  eager to become an adult as quick as possible.  

He has a good social network and is an excited and ambitious soccer player. It was under the shower after a training when he masturbated for the first time together with his team buddies. He felt ok doing this in a group, and it aroused his curiosity for more personal body discovering, yet preferably in his own privacy. 

The male genital organs

How, where and what is explained in this movie