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Having a baby is a life long responsibility. It is therefor good to know how you can protect yourself from unwanted pregnancy. Check out Right Time Baby Island to learn how to use contraception correctly.

This is Kim

Kim is a young woman with Brazilian roots. She hit puberty early and had her first period at 9 years of age. 

Her mother got her when she was a teenager. Her father had left her mother while she was still pregnant, and Kim never met him.

Kim’s mother is addicted to drugs and thus Kim grew up in a children’s home. She always missed being loved and thus she developed the feeling that she must invest a lot to deserve love. This led to unhealthy relationships and also an abusive affair with a man 7 years older than her in Kim’s past.  

Johnny is the first person who gives her the feeling to be important and adorable. Nevertheless, Kim is still very insecure and easily becomes jealous when Johnny flirt’s with other women. Due to her mother’s story, Kim wants to avoid getting pregnant at a young age and thus is very careful to use proper contraception.

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