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Priscilla is both excited to become a woman and a bit scared at the same time. Learn about the puberty steps and enjoy the trip to the women’s bungalow.


Learn more about the female puberty steps on Jungle Lady Island by watching this tutorial video.

Frequently asked Questions

Puberty is a natural process that happens in a girl’s body as she grows and develops into a young woman. Here’s what puberty includes, explained for young people:

Breast Development: One of the first signs of puberty for many girls is the development of breasts. This happens as the breast tissue grows and the nipples become more prominent.

Growth Spurts: During puberty, girls experience rapid growth spurts, where they may grow taller and their bodies may change shape.

Menstruation: Menstruation, also known as getting your period, is a significant part of puberty for girls. It’s when the body releases blood and tissue from the uterus through the vagina, typically once a month.

Body Hair: Girls may start to notice hair growing under their arms and in the pubic area during puberty. This is a normal part of growing up.

Acne: Some girls may experience acne or pimples during puberty due to changes in hormone levels and increased oil production in the skin.

Emotional Changes: Along with physical changes, girls may also experience emotional changes during puberty. Mood swings, increased sensitivity, and feelings of insecurity are common as hormone levels fluctuate. Menstrual Cramps: Some girls may experience menstrual cramps or discomfort during their periods. This is normal and can often be managed with over-the-counter pain relief medication or other remedies. It’s important for girls to understand that puberty is a natural and normal part of growing up, and everyone goes through it at their own pace. It’s also essential to talk to a trusted adult or healthcare provider if there are any concerns or questions about puberty or menstrual health.
As girls begin to enter puberty, their bodies undergo various changes signaling this transition. One of the first signs often noticed is breast development, marked by the appearance of small, firm lumps under the nipples. Alongside this, girls may experience growth spurts, suddenly finding themselves getting taller at a rapid pace. Additionally, the growth of pubic hair becomes apparent, starting with fine, sparse hairs and gradually becoming thicker. Other indicators include changes in body odor, the onset of acne, and an increase in vaginal discharge. These changes typically occur gradually and may vary from person to person. If these signs appear or if there are any questions, it’s important to discuss them with a trusted adult or healthcare provider.

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